The Secret

This Luxury Villa is the Best kept Property Secret in Marbella

For the Family

A private Marbella mansion in Rio Real, affectionately named “La Colina”, positioned perfectly by the sea.

Expansive Property Plot

Privacy is essential, but almost impossible to find on the Costa del Sol, and especially Rio Real.

Development Opportunities

Conversion opportunities include boutique hotel, luxury apartments and urbanisation concepts.

The Best Kept Property Secret in Marbella

The villa’s real name is La Colina, which translates to little hill. Situated only 5 minutes from Marbella, in on of the most sought after areas, the plot maintains privacy and best of all tranquillity. The villa is frontline golf, and the sea side views are breath-taking.

But what’s with all the secrecy? Is this just a marketing ploy?
To be completely honest, even though this is an incredible marketing ploy, the current owners of the villa have their reasons as to why they wanted to keep this property off the general real estate radar. Marbella’s property potential has grown significantly, with even the banks, once again backing credit.

Thanks to foreign investors, and the Costa del Sol’s incredible reputation for “life & fun in the sun”, property across the coast was quickly bought up at rock bottom prices. The crisis of course played a major role, but little did we know that with a unique opportunity for cheap luxury properties in Marbella, came an almost full property market recovery. No matter how you look at it, Marbella alone is carrying the rest of the country out of a deep recession.

Fast forward to today and what’s left over for property isn’t exactly prime or luxurious. The possibility of buying development type, urbanisation or commercial properties is slim next to none. Most of the commercial properties have been bought, and even Marbella got in on the action by investing in more luxury villa’s and urbanisation living itself. Couple everything you’ve read so far with the fact that Malaga province has seen the most tourism in history and has broken records for two years in a row. The new slogan for the past two years was, “now is the time to buy property in Marbella”, and it worked!

Seriously, What’s the Secret?

The fact of the matter is real estate in Marbella & the Costa del Sol is saturated; all that seems to be left are small flats, penthouses, luxury villas with very little frontline beach property. Another fact we have to mention is real estate agents on the Costa del Sol are even more saturated. With a property such as the Secret Villa Marbella, the current owners thought too many estate agents vying for a bigger commission would in fact disrupt the direct marketing campaign process needed to sell this incredible property. The owners, basing their decision on past experiences, felt it best to keep real estate agents away in order to give potential buyers all the necessary facts in order to take full advantage of what this plot of land can really do.

The Secret Villa as you can well imagine is so much more than a luxury villa in Marbella. This villa also has high development opportunities; opportunities that you can see now with our schematics & specs already designed by 3 different architects.

Once you view and read through all the possibilities this plot and villa have to offer, you will then fully understand why it had to be kept a secret. This is probably one of the last best locations in Marbella and the entire Costa del Sol in which to buy.

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